Codenames on Slack

An unofficial implementation of Codenames, adapted on Slack. Users play with interactive buttons and slash commands.

Install on Slack

How to Play

    1. Create a game

  • Any user may type "/codenames" to activate a game within a channel.

2. Wait for users to join teams

    3. Close and finalize the teams

  • This will prompt the game master (user who created game) to select spymasters.

  • Choices for spymaster are restricted to the team the users are on.

4. Start Playing!

  • The board will display plenty of information needed for the users to understand the state of the game.

    • 5. (spymasters) Give your team a hint

    • First take a look at the map card by clicking the green "Show Map Card" button.
    • Only a spymaster will be able to successfully reveal the map card (amongst other input validation across the app)

    • Then use the slash command "/give_hint [word, num_guesses]" to provide your team with a hint.

    6. (players) Click words that match the hint, or end your team's turn.

    (The board will automatically re-display at the bottom every time a user interacts with it.)

  • Your team's turn will automatically end if they are out of guesses
  • You may prematurely end your team's turn if they aren't sure what to guess next by simply clicking the "End Turn" button.

  • 7. Keep going until the game is over!

  • The game ends if a team gets all of their cards, or if a player picks the assassin.
  • *The game master may use the slash command "/cancel_game" at any time to reset and clear all the game data.